Welcome to shopchelou.com, your online one-stop-shop!   “Chelou” expresses an image and is a brand based upon unique and tasteful choices to create an exciting everyday lifestyle. This lifestyle defines a perfect example of its kind, representing the epitome of a woman..It is what every man or woman wants. She is no less bold in her dress than in her mentality. She is a charming vision of powerhouse feminist meets eccentric daydreamer. She is independent, forward-thinking and lives out loud. 
Being fashionable is not determined by your sense of style, but by the inner and outer beauty which already exists in you. “Chelou” creates your ensemble. We provide you with a unique, polished and superior look that will add a luxurious touch to your public appearance. We aim to transform standard ideals in women’s apparel, pushing for a woman with rebellious strength.

“Chelou” represents originality and couture. It provides a competitive edge. It is our goal to radiate assertiveness and fulfillment, to boost confidence through clothing, footwear, accessories and more. “Chelou” promotes beauty on the exterior, as well as an interior threshold. Each outfit is strategically selected and fit for all occasions.

“Chelou” celebrates life and focuses on characteristics that symbolize every aspect of love, faith, femininity, freedom, power, stability, equality, sex appeal and beauty. The “Chelou” brand believes in empowering fellow women, creating a charismatic vision that has quickly transformed into a go- to brand that is at the forefront of the girl power movement. We believe that with the right fashion choices, any woman possesses the confidence to take over the world. Having a sense of style elects self-confidence, individuality and standing out from the crowd.

We play a significant role in the tastemaker’s society with industry insiders to have a major influence on what’s hot and what’s not. Consider this movement as a support group for the independent and underground culture. The masses are overthrown by our influence. We dare you to make a statement that is all your own without speaking one word. Not just wearing your clothes, but defining yourself in them. Join us on our journey to the top. We’re just getting warmed up. We have so much in store for you! “Chelou” proposes much more than clothing, accessories and concepts..It is a way of living.